Video To Dvd Transfers

Video To Dvd Transfers


Video to DVD
Format Running Time price 1-9 tapes price 10+
8mm Tape
Mini DV
1 hour $30 POA
2 hour $30 POA
3 hour $45 POA
4 hour $60 POA
BetaMax per tape $50
U-MATIC 1 hour $65
1-2 hours $75
HDV per tape $30
DVCAM per tape $30

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Have you got a pile of camcorder or VHS tapes taking up space?

Did you know these wont last forever, so backup today!

We can convert your videos and provide them for you on a DVD or a format for you to edit on your own computer.

Standards conversion (NTSC to PAL)

API also convert video that has come from overseas. One big foreign format is the North American NTSC, this can easily be converted by API and usually by same day service.


API duplicates from any single tape into a wide range of video mediums. API also offer full colour printing for DVD discs. All duplication is done either same day or a couple of days depending on quantity and workload.

Additional information


8mm Tape Hi8 Digital8, VHS SVHS VHS-C Mini DV, BetaMax, U-MATIC, HDV, DVCAM

Running Time

1 hour, 1-2 hours, 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour, per tape

Price For

price 1-9 tapes, price 10+